Birding & Blogging in Galveston, Texas

Eastern Phoebe


Eastern Phoebes winter here on the Gulf Coast, but you don’t have to go all that far north to reach year-round and summer range. This past spring they were nesting on my brother’s front porch in South Carolina. Winter range extends down into eastern half of Mexico, but regular and breeding range is mostly east of Oklahoma. Photographed out near East Beach in Galveston, TX. Continue reading “Eastern Phoebe”


The Usual Suspects

Outing on Galveston’s West End today turned up a selection of regulars, some of my fave birdies.

Marbled Godwit

About the last photo I took today turns out to be a keeper. Flock of 40 odd Marbled Godwits and White Ibis, with a couple of Long Billed Curlews thrown in the mix, in someone’s front yard out on 3005. Continue reading “The Usual Suspects”

Horned Larks

My first ever Horned Lark, and a general photo-dump from Monday’s outing.

horned-lark-4-20160919 Continue reading “Horned Larks”

Bolivar Flats


The Bolivar Flats Shorebird Sanctuary is established and managed by the Houston Audubon Society. The salt flats, dunes and upland scrub are the result of a century of sediment deposits diverted there by the long jetty at the mouth of the ship channel at the western end of the Bolivar Peninsula. It’s a great place to see a wide variety of birds. Continue reading “Bolivar Flats”

Early Fall

Common Yellowthroat

I did not expect to see much during a brief visit to the little Corps Woods Nature Sanctuary this early in September. But I was pleasantly surprised with sightings of Yellow Warbler (female) Baltimore Oriole and probable Orchard Oriole (female) and this Common Yellowthroat which is my favorite warbler. At Apffel flats I spied a Little Blue Heron and not much else. I wonder when the Yellow Rumps will arrive? Continue reading “Early Fall”


American Avocet

East Beach in Galveston, Texas. Found a pair of avocets feeding in a puddle in the sandy parking area. They look plain without their makeup on. UTC is the north-most range for wintering avocets and we always have a few here. In Spring they’ll molt into that beautiful cinnamon tan, head, neck and shoulder, before heading back to the Northwest and Canada for whoopie season.



dragonfly-four-spot-2-20160821The Prisma app renders some cool painterly effects on your snapshots. I got this dragonfly at Lafitte’s Cove the other day. Photo taken with the Canon rig, but processed on my phone. Continue reading “Outdoors”

Lizard & Cicada


Lizard scampered across the side walk in front of me as I was leaving for work and I was like, “what on earth has he got in his mouth?” So I followed him into the bushes and snapped some photos with my phone. I don’t know what he ended up doing with that poor cicada, but he sure seemed excited to have snagged it. He let me stick the phone right up in his face.

Great Crested Flycatcher

Great Crested Flycatcher

I was very pleased to correctly guess the ID on this bird when I saw it, even though it’s a lifer for me. (I did flash for a moment on Western Kingbird when I saw that yellow belly) The back yard pecan tree delivers once again. Continue reading “Great Crested Flycatcher”

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