Common Yellowthroat

I did not expect to see much during a brief visit to the little Corps Woods Nature Sanctuary this early in September. But I was pleasantly surprised with sightings of Yellow Warbler (female) Baltimore Oriole and probable Orchard Oriole (female) and this Common Yellowthroat which is my favorite warbler. At Apffel flats I spied a Little Blue Heron and not much else. I wonder when the Yellow Rumps will arrive?

Orchard Oriole

I was thinking she was a Baltie because she was hanging out with a male Baltimore Oriole but that is not sound logic. Being seen in the same place at the same time is guilt by association. Those wing bars aren’t very bold and contrasty and the yellow is probably not orange enough for a Baltimore. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, especially from a distance in stark sunlight. (Coach, the sun got in my eyes!) With feedback from Instagram folks I settle on probable Orchard.