Northern Waterthrush

The waterthrush that had been eluding me from the get-go fell into my sites today. Life bird! Alas, not the sharpest photo I ever took. This is at the mud hole at Corp Woods this morning. I dashed out there in the drizzle when I realized there was significant fallout from last night’s thunderstorms. I knew this from a glance out the kitchen window at first light. The pecan tree out back was hopping with catbirds and bright little warblers.

Yellow Warbler

The pecan tree yielded a few decent photos, though early in the day it was dreadfully overcast with showers drifting through. This is only the second Yellow Warbler photo (worth sharing) that I have. This and those below taken from the Bathroom Bird Blind®.

Chestnut-sided Warbler

Also seen out back this morning were some Blackburnian Warblers and Magnolia Warblers. Light was so bad I got very little usable exposures. Very happy to see them though.

American Redstart Philadelphia Vireo

The mature female has bright yellow armpits and otherwise looks exactly like this bird which must be first year female with underdeveloped coloring. There were quite a few out there though I saw only one male today. Let’s try Philadelphia Vireo and thanks to Instagrammer kojobirder who pointed out my mis-ID. I did see a male American Redstart though.