I was worried that migration season was going to pass without catching a Scarlet Tanager. Well, I met this guy at Corp Woods today and my goodness, what a gracious little fellow. He kept posing on different nearby perches as if concerned I wasn’t getting the framing I wanted. (He was right too. I wasn’t.) Finally he chose this spot, so close to me I had to back up because I couldn’t get focus with my 400.

After all the exposures I could stand I put out my finger on the chance he would just come and perch there. I try that from time to time with the really tame birds I encounter and have not had a taker yet. Maybe one day.

Not sure what is up with the blotchy flanks on this bird. Transitional plumage?

Swainson’s Hawk

Also at Corp Woods today, a Swainson’s came cruising directly overhead. One day I will get a decent hawk-in-flight photo.

Least Bittern

Earlier in the day I had glanced out my kitchen window (okay I was standing there staring) and I see this bittern up in the now leafed out canopy of the pecan tree just off the deck. I took about 75 exposures trying to get a clean frame as he was pretty obscured by the leaves. The wind was gusting though, and occasionally branches would get shifted to open up a shot. Very surprising to see this bird in my back yard. I take it from the range maps that this guy is passing through to Summer range.