Indigo Bunting

Indigos aplenty still at Corp Woods on Friday morning. Saw some Baltimore Orioles out there too.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

It was there a second ago, hovering in the morning sunshine against a dark backdrop of shady wood. This is at that slap-dash Snuffy Smith bird blind set-up next to the mud hole which is a great spot for a bird-lurker to lurk. I drape a piece of camo netting over my Panama hat and maybe recite some Mani Pemes while I wait.

Summer Tanager

Female Summers are similar to the Scarlet females though the bill size is a handy separator. Summers have a really bulky bill. It looks like I may not even see a Scarlet this year. How can I miss seeing that eye-popping red creature?

Gray Catbird

It is a treat for me every year when I see the catbird with his nifty black toupee. If this shot were any more grainy I may have not posted. Yikes.

Common Grackle

Ironically less common around here than the great-tails and boat-tails which are everywhere.