Northern Mockingbird

They are not the most beautiful birds you’ll ever see, but they can belt out a great variety of songs. This one offered up a nice photo-op and I took it. I don’t think I have ever NOT seen a NOMO on a visit to Corp Woods, Galveston.

1/2500th @ f/9.1 ISO:1600, Canon EOS 70D, 400mm f/5.6 with monopod.

Edits: Cropped. Adjusted curves to pull up some shadow detail, shifted hue to the red side, selectively sharpened subject, ran the Advanced Tone Mapping filter (GIMP) which I do on most everything. Cloned out a branch from the background.


I found this disturbance of nature on a little side trail at Corp Woods and first thought it was a hobo camp. But there was no trash or beer cans laying around and on closer look it appears someone is building a bird blind out there. Great spot for it, right by a couple of watery sinkholes. This is where I caught the above pictured mockingbird.