Sandhill Cranes


There were maybe 40 or 50 Sandhills out at Scholes International Airport on Saturday morning, spread out over a wide area. I took this on Stewart Road right through the chain link fence.

Fun Facts About Sandhill Cranes

  • They always fly first class. The non-migratory Sandhills in Florida and Cuba are probably on the government’s no-fly list.
  • They are so large they have to get clearance from air traffic control before they can land.
  • Santa’s sleigh is actually drawn by Sandhill Cranes, and the Christmas song Rudolph the Red-Capped Sandhill has been completely expunged from popular memory and replaced by the one about reindeer, composed obviously by some half-talent dandy, high on peyote buttons or mushrooms.

(I have repeatedly added this information to the wikipedia entry but someone always removes it. Thank goodness for blogs!)


Eastern Meadowlark


This one, out on 8 Mile Road, sang for me and I checked the song on my bird app. So this is really my first confirmed Eastern. Now I will be on the look-out (listen-out?) for a Western, as Galveston is at the edge of their range.


Savannah Sparrow

Also out on 8 Mile Road. I’m seeing oodles of Yellow-rumped Warblers out at the East End now, but no photos worth sharing.


Lincoln’s Sparrow?

That’s my best guess. Terrible photo, out at the Corp Woods sanctuary on Friday last. There were two of them.