“A Soteriologist walks into a bardo…”


H. H. Dalai Lama attends a conference on quantum physics and Madhyamika, both of which deal with subtle reality essence. I love to see a room full of Buddhists and scientists!

With over 30 years of serious discussion with scholars of Cosmology, Neurobiology, Quantum Physics and Psychology, His Holiness said, “For scientists, they were introduced to mind, emotion and to very subtle level, relation between mind and brain. For us, we were introduced to thorough explanations of matters, cosmology and big bang.”

He goes on to explain that Madhyamika philosophy is an ancient Indian treasure expounded by Nagarjuna who spoke of quantum physics 2000 years ago, and that while the Tibetans have learned and sustained those teachings, they did not originate them.

The title of this post serves as a kind of joke about the ridiculousness of “talking about nothing,” (Sunyata, or emptiness) though talking about things which cannot be talked about is both common and essential in most Eastern philosophical and spiritual traditions.