I threw in a load of laundry and headed out to the East End to see what I could find this morning. I snapped this Rock Pigeon just to check my exposure settings and didn’t notice until I got home the American Kestral perched nearby. Nice for sizing this bird: they really are tiny falcons, AKA Sparrow Hawk.

belted-kingfisher-11-09-2015Belted Kingfisher

Perched on a wire out on Boddeker Road. This is about as close as I ever get. They spook so easily.


Eastern Phoebe at the Corp Woods. I saw one in the back yard last week.

meadowlark-11-09-2015Meadowlark of the Eastern or Western variety, can’t tell. It would not sing for me.


Black-crowned Night Heron (immature) They always have the creepy Dr. Evil vibe going somehow. It is not a Yellow-crown because: short and squat stature, short legs and neck, brown back with distinct white arrowhead marks, lower bill is mostly yellow (Yellow-crowns have mostly black bills, though they can have some yellow toward the base.)