Black-crowned Night Heron (immature)

yellow-crowned-night-heron-juvy-09-09-2015Yellow-crowned Night Heron

The immature Night Herons can be tricky to tell apart but the key is the BCNH has a lot of yellow in its bill whereas the YCNH has mostly black. Also the legs of the BCNH are noticably shorter. YCNH is better adapted for wading.

Little Blue Heron

I confirm that LBHE is residing at Galveston’s East End. This is a mature, non-breeding specimen seen on Apffel Park Rd. near the East Beach condo cluster out there. I’ve been coming out here for several years now and this year is the first I’ve seen them on this end of the island. I’ve posted immatures earlier this year.

You Otter Love This Picture

The waterways at Corp Woods were bone dry beds of crackled mud a scant few weeks ago, but the rains have come and Saturday I saw 3 otters frolicking in there. This one was too busy trying to crack open a nut to noticed me but the other two beat it down the stream when they heard my monopod bump against the boardwalk railing. Clumsy me.

snowy-plover-09-26-2015Snowy Plover

At East Beach I saw a couple of SNPL and a PIPL along with the never absent Sanderling. There was a Black-bellied Plover in transitional plumage out there as well.

piping-plover-09-26-2015Piping Plover

These and a Ring-billed Gull were all I saw that day out of the ordinary. The Piper kept scratching at the sand and gobbling up who knows what tiny critters. Life at the bottom of the food chain is no picnic. May I offer you a napkin, sir?