Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Dropped by Corp Woods before work yesterday. Last week I saw nothing but a singular Northern Mockingbird but now things are picking up. Fall migration is upon us. There were a number of Ruby-throats and I saw one of the *Empidonax Fly-catchers (Alder or Least I think.) I dunno, what do you think?

Empidonax: Alder, Willow or Least?

eastern-kingbird-09-09-2015Eastern Kingbird

Saw some Eastern Kingbirds working the waterway at the preserve’s North end.

yellow-crowned-night-heron-juvy-09-09-2015Yellow-crowned Night Heron

This YCNH posed very calmly for me. This year’s batch of youngsters are in evidence all over the island.

Felt good to be out in the weeds and skeeters, smelling morning dew and holding my camera again.

* Sometimes I call these Empidamn-its because they are a bugger to tell apart.