Took the ferry over to Bolivar on Monday morning and had an enjoyable little outing except for when the car got stuck in sand on Bolivar Flats. With no rain for over a month the sand is bone dry to a depth of more than a foot upside of the beach. Saw a good variety of early Fall migrants and Winter shore birds out there.

Piping Plover

marbled-godwit-08-17-2015Marbled Godwit

I saw Long-billed Curlews and Marbled Godwits, Whimbrels and a variety of plovers. All are wintering visitors maybe passing through, maybe not.

Long-billed Curlew

Long-billed Curlew


wilsons-plover-08-17-2015Black-bellied Plover
Wilson’s Plover

There were a number of both species out there. The Wilson’s is a Summer resident here and and winters in Central America.


Spotted Sandpiper

The Spotted Sandpiper and the rails were over on the bay side by Old Frenchtown Rd.

Clapper Rail

clapper-rail-b-08-17-2015I just love Clapper Rails and I probably post too much of them. Well, too bad. Look at this one. My brown eyed girl. She’s young still, just this side of mature but you can see the body markings are less distinct than on the adult above. (I do not actually know the sex of this bird FYI)

Common Nighthawk

There were two Common Nighthawks post-perching on the Bolivar Flats beach access road and I was able to pull right up and photograph them through the passenger window. Also on the access road was this Scissor-tailed Flycatcher which I believe to be an immature or freshly minted adult because the tail is not full length. UTC is Summer range for both of these.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher