IMG_5402Little Blue Heron

I’ve seen Little Blues on Galveston’s east end several times this year and I’m beginning to think we might have some residing there now. In past years I had not seen them at all. This is the first mature one I’ve seen. I think all I’m lacking in North American Egrets and Herons is the Reddish Egret in white morph.

Oh, and the Great Blue Heron in white morph, but you have to go to the Everglades to see them, I believe.

Crested Caracara

There a few Crested Caracaras that reside here and I saw a pair of them land on the mud flat (once a pond before the drought) by Boddeker Road. I was quite far away and began to move closer but I (or something) spooked them right away. This one was kind enough to do a fly-by for me on the way out of the area. I think of these as Mexican Bald Eagles.

Roseate Spoonbill

In the same pond as the above Little Blue.