Summer is the birding doldrums down here on the UTC. It’s too hot to go out and the chances of seeing something exciting are next to nil. So it was good to head North a ways, even if birding was not the primary goal.

My friend’s mom is in an assisted living facility in Waco and she and I did a quick trip up there this weekend. Kind of a whirlwind tour in two days but Carol did get in a good visit on Sunday and another brief visit on Monday morning before we left. I was happy to meet her mom.

Red-tailed Hawk

On the way out I saw this red tail sitting on a utility pole out on a country road east of Waco and pulled over for some shots. I finally got close enough to spook it and caught this photo just a second after take-off.

muscovy-ducking-07-19-2015Muscovy Duckling

A few blocks from the hotel there is a pretty nifty little riverside park with oodles of Mallards, a few Swan Geese, and some Muscovy ducks. One of the Muscies came paddling by with a string of ducklings in tow. Quite a few Eastern Kingbirds there as well. House Sparrows also, but you knew that already.