Yellow-billed Cuckoo

They are very shy and every time I notice one they shag-boogie in short order. This one was at Corp Woods earlier this Spring. You can see the rusty red tone on the primaries in flight. Perching, they are warm gray above and white below, noticeably larger than a dove. They are known for dining on web-worm, the pest that plagued the pecan trees out behind my apartment last year.

In backyard news this week I saw a Red-eyed Vireo flitting around in the afore* mentioned pecans one morning this week. I still have Blue Jays and mobs of White-winged Doves at the feeder, along with the army of House Sparrows. I caught a Common Grackle clinging upside down on the circular perch of the little hanging feeder that I use to preserve some of the seed supply for the sparrows. The doves can’t manage, but that grackle figured it out.

This morning two of the jays that frequent the feeder were on it the minute I turned and walked away. They beat the doves to the first serving which is unusual! The jays have become increasingly tolerant to my presence out there. They were super cautious before. One day I had one of the doves come and land on the feeder while I was still pouring the seed. It immediately changed it’s mind and took off, but still.

I’m seeing avian infants and juniors around town now. Young Starlings, Grackles harassing their poor mother for food, toddler sparrows out on the deck.

* (my spell check does not like afore and I googled it. Turns out it’s archaic Middle English)