Every Spring the main cemetery in Galveston on Broadway gets blanketed in yellow and I have yet to stop by there for a picture without seeing at least one other individual doing the same thing. One this day I saw two.

“When Skeptics die they become ghosts who don’t believe in themselves.”

IMG_20150517_111618Here’s a dead person with a fancier house than mine. This thing is bigger than a Tokyo apartment!

Dust to dust my friends. In the Buddhist view this much attachment to our bodies is not a good thing. It fuels the habit-energy (karma) that motors the endless cyclic existence of sentient beings. Not that we shouldn’t have remembrance and respect for our dead of course. The Buddhists emphasize compassion over sentimentality though, I think. They still do Sky Burials in Tibet, I believe, where the corpse is left on a mountainside to decompose and be scavenged by vultures.