About to call it a day yesterday when I spied an Orchard Oriole and a Baltimore Oriole through the kitchen window. So grab the camera and head outdoors again, but the orioles split. But this Ovenbird was sitting in the neighbor’s pecan tree and sat still for all the photos I cared to take. Ginny mentioned the other day how much the Swainson’s Thrush looked like an Ovenbird. How they class this bird with the Warblers is beyond me.


“The Ovenbird gets its name from its covered nest. The dome and side entrance make it resemble a Dutch oven.”—All About Birds


Eastern Wood-Pewee

This little flycatcher was out at Corp Woods where I spent about an hour yesterday. He’d pick a dead branch perch as home base and fly sorties out to nab insects and quickly return. I got a lousy photo of one last week at High Island but it was too poor and doubtful for an ID. But I got you now, Eastern Wood-Pewee.


turtle-04-27-2015Female Indigo Bunting
Red-eared Slider

The buntings wanted nothing to do with me. Less than nothing, really. But this female paused in her head-strong retreat to cast me a disapproving glance. And these turtles always slip into the drink before I can catch a frame. I swear they are more skittish than most birds.