Yard specimens from the last few days. I’ve seen the Rose-breasts and Inca Doves daily this week.


swainsons-thrush-04-18-2015Common Yellowthroat
Swainson’s Thrush

It’s called common but this is a bird I rarely see. This one came through the yard quickly and resisted the limelight with an impressive determination. One day I will get a good shot of this delightful looking masked warbler.

After clarifying with the local bird guru, I can now ID the Swainson’s Thrush with some degree of confidence. It’s the buffy color to the face and eye-ring that differentiates from the Hermit. Also, seeing it in the yard during mid April further shores up the ID as the UTC is Winter range for Hermit Thrushes, and Swainson’s have been seen coming through in the last week. That said, I could still be wrong. This one was in the oak out front and fled in a hurry when I moved closer.