At sunup on a foggy morning there’s not much light to speak of. Out on Sportsman Road, which is bay-side midway toward the West end of the island, there is extensive swampland with curvy waterways running through tall patches of grass. Residential waterfronts line the opposite side of the road. I spotted this Clapper right by the roadside and backed up for a shot out of the passenger window. Cranked up to ISO:4000 I got 80th/sec at f/5.7 with the monopod resting on the passenger seat.

Clapper Rail

Not a great photograph, but I love this pose and the noise just gives it a dreamy, foggy effect. Yep, I’m just about talked into it.

clapper-socHere is an SOC crop at 100% to show how flat and noisy this exposure was. Digital ISO simulates increased film sensitivity by amplifying the signal off of the image sensor. Signal and noise both get amplified, so low-noise characteristics are an important feature for DSLRs. Noise means any aspect of the information stream that did not originate with the subject being photographed.

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