It is odd that I am only now seeing my first Sandhill Cranes, being a resident of Galveston, TX for 15 years. But there you go. They frequent the West End in Winter and I just have never gotten out there much, mainly due to the fact I don’t own a car.

Sandhill Crane

sandhill-crane-03-14-2015Returning this morning from Laffite’s Cove (via company car, thanks Boss) on Stewart Road I came across a group of 5 or 6 in a field. You bet I slammed on the brakes.

The bird on the right was originally halfway out of the frame (as cropped) so I moved it over for a more pleasing pose. I also selectively sharpened and saturated the subjects while gently blurring the background. I do this with most of my bird shots. Disclosure.

My visit to Laffite’s did not yield much, once I succeeded in frightening away every duck from both sides of the boardwalk. I walked the wood trails but saw little. Some Cardinals being very vocal, and this Cooper’s Hawk perched in a dead tree.

Cooper’s Hawk

I did see this otter in the pond across from the parking area.