More than half of all bird species are of the order Passeriformes, the eponymous species being Passer domesticus or the House Sparrow. Passerines are sometimes known as perching birds and all have the same toe arrangement of three forward and one rear facing. (wikipedia)

“Their constant presence outside our doors makes them easy to overlook, and their tendency to displace native birds from nest boxes causes some people to resent them.”β€”All About Birds

Here’s a male at my feeder yesterday morning in the fog, taken from my kitchen through the window glass. At ISO 2500 you can start to see some noise. My current exposure strategy is to use aperture priority (Av) and control shutter speed through aperture and ISO settings. I selectively sharpened the bird, and again a bit more to the eye area.

Canon 70D, 400mm, 1/800th, f/5.7, ISO:2500

house-sparrow-b-03-03-2015I hung a suet cage out on the pecan tree and the sparrows finally noticed it about 2 days later. Common as they are I really love these birds.