Orange-crowned Warbler

Like the previously posted Ruby-crowned Kinglet, the Orange-crowned Warbler‘s orange crown is rarely seen. This is another Winter bird for Galveston, and one I’ve been seeing around the neighborhood for months. Like the ruby, another small, nervous, and difficult to photograph little bird. Note the eye ring is broken in front and behind and is much less pronounced than the ruby. Since I’ve been seeing both of these around for months I’ve learned to sort them on the eye ring. The ruby has a white wing-bar as well. At a glance they are quite similar. A fellow I met in the local Petsmart says he has these year-round in his yard in Santa Fe, TX. Fun fact: There are no taxonomic species labels that rhyme with orange-crowned warbler.

northern-cardinal-female-02-22-2015Northern Cardinal

I’ve been seeing a male Northern Cardinal at the feeder all Winter but never a female, until this morning. He’s got a girlfriend! They came through the yard together. He visited the feeder while she stayed in the nearby tree, and long enough for me to step out with the camera. He has never been as nervous as the sparrows about me being on the deck near the feeder. And he never stays long either way.

european-starling-02-22-2015European Starling

An urban mainstay, these guys are seen everywhere. In breeding plumage seen up close they are startlingly colorful.

downy-woodpecker-02-22-2015Downy Woodpecker

Female Downy Woodpecker in the oak out front of my place. I see these on a regular basis here. A year-round bird for most of North America.