The Corp Woods nature sanctuary is a short drive from where I live and work, so I swing by there in the morning sometimes when I have the car. (I bike out there too, it’s a very convenient birding spot.) The cloud cover did clear up a bit this morning so I stopped by. Birds seen:

  1. Cooper’s Hawk (immature)
  2. Northern Cardinal (male)
  3. Yellow-rumped Warblers (female ‘Myrtle’)
  4. Black-crowned Night Herons (adults & immatures)
  5. Mockingbirds

The Cooper’s was far away and fled after two exposures. The Yellow-rumps were more cooperative. I heard them chipping the whole time I was there, but two came out into view by the water at the north boardwalk and posed for more shots than I cared to take.

Cooper’s Hawk

The hawk was selectively sharpened and saturated, while everything else was desaturated, though not enough to look too fake. I’m surprised to have gotten an acceptable shot here with this extreme crop. One of these days I’m going to see a juvenile Sharpie and mis-ID it for a Cooper’s. I’ve encountered more Cooper’s than any other hawk, and always the immatures with that distinct brown streaking on the breast.


yellow-rump2Yellow-rumped Warbler

Myrtles are the Eastern race of this bird, the Westerns are called Audubon’s. They winter all over the lower 48 of the U.S. and summer all over Canada and Alaska. I have yet to see a male.